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UUD UUDecoding [Unix]

UUDECODE Unix-To-Unix Decoding

UUE UUEncoding [Unix]

UUENCODE Unix-To-Unix Encoding

^ UUI User-To-User Information [AT&T]

UUID Universal Unique Identifier

UV Ultraviolet

UWR Ultra Wideband Radio

UXGA Ultra Extended Graphics Array


VA Virtual Address + Visual Age [IBM]

VAD Value Added Dealer

VADD Value Added Disk Driver


VAI Video As Input

VAL Value + Voice Application Language

.VAL Validity Checks (file name extension) [Paradox]

VAM Virtual Access Method

VAN Value Added Network

VAP Value Added Process

VAR Value Added Reseller + Value Added Retailer + Variable

VAST Variable Array Storage Technology

VAX/VMS Virtual Address Extension/Virtual Memory System [DEC]

VB Variable Block + Visual Basic [Microsoft]

VBA Visual Basic for Applications [Microsoft]

VBE/AI Vesa Bios Extension/Audio Interface

VBI Vertical Blanking Interval

VBNS Very High Speed Backbone Network Service [MCI + NSF]

VBR Variable Bit Rate

VBRUN Visual Basic Runtime

VBS Visual Basic Script

.VBX Visual Basic Extension (file name extension)

VCC Virtual Channel Connection

VCD Video Compact Disk + Virtual Communications Driver

VCI Virtual Circuit Identifier

VCL Visual Component Library

VCM Virtual Channel Memory

VCN Virtual Cluster Number

VCOS Visual Caching Operating System [AT&T]

VCPI Virtual Control Program Interface

VCR Video Cassette Recorder

VDD Virtual Device Driver

VDDM Virtual Device Driver Manager

VDE Video Display Editor + Visual Development Environment

VDI Virtual Device Interface

VDISK Virtual Disk

VDM Virtual DOS Machine [IBM]

VDMAD Virtual Direct Memory Access Device [Microsoft]

VDS Virtual DMA Services


VDT Video Dial Tone + Video Display Terminal

VDU Video Display Unit + Visual Display Unit

VEGA Video-7 Enhanced Graphics Adapter [Video-7, Inc.]

VEMM Virtual Expanded Memory Manager

VEMMI Versatile Multimedia Interface

VER Verify + Version

VERONICA Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Net-Wide Index to

Computer Archives [Internet]

VERR Verify Read Access

VERW Verify Write Access

VES Video Encoding Standard [Oracle]

VESA Video Electronics Standards Association

VF Virtual Floppy

VFAT Virtual File Allocation Table [Microsoft]

V.FC Version.First Class (communications standard)

VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Display

VFW Video For Windows [Microsoft]

VGA Video Graphics Array

VGC Video Graphics Controller

VHDL VHSIC Hardware Description Language

VHF Very-High Frequency

VHS Very High Speed + Video Home System +

Virtual Host Storage

VHSIC Very High Speed Integrated Circuit

VI Visual Interactive (editor) [UNIX]

VIA Virtual Interface Architecture [Intel]

VIE Virtual Information Environment

VIF Virtual Interface + Virtual Interrupt Flag

VIM Vendor Independent Mail +

Vendor Independent Messaging + Video Interface Module

VIO Video Input/Output + Virtual Input/Output

VINES Virtual Networking System [Banyan]

ViP Visual Programming [Lotus]

VIP Variable Information Processing +

Video Information Provider +

Virtual Interrupt Pending +

Visual Interactive Parser

VIPER Verifiable Integrated Processor for

Enhanced Reliability

VIS Video Information System [Tandy] +

Viewable Image Size +

Visual Instruction Set [Sun] +

Voice Information System

VJ HEADER Van Jacobsen Header (compression) [Unix]

VLA Variable-Length Array

VLAN Virtual Local Area Network

VL-BUS Vesa Local-Bus [VESA]

VLD Variable-Length Decoder

VLF Very Low Frequency

VLINK Visited Link [HTML]

VLIW Very Large Instruction Word

VLM Virtual Loadable Module

VLSI Very Large Scale Integration

VLSIPS Very Large Scale Immobilized Polymer Synthesis

VLSM Variable Length Subnet Mask

VLT Variable List Table

VM Virtual Machine + Virtual Memory

VMA Virtual Memory Address

VMB Virtual Machine Boot

VME Versa Module Eurocard +

Virtual Memory Environment

VML Vector Markup Language [Microsoft]

VMM Virtual Machine/Memory Manager

VMOS Vertical MOS

VMP Virtual Modem Protocol

VMS Virtual Machine Storage + Virtual Memory System +

Voice Message System

VMT Virtual Memory Technique

VNA Virtual Network Architecture

VNOS Visual Network Operating System

VOC Creative Voice (format) [Sound Blaster]

VOD Video On Demand

VOFDM Vector Orthogonal Frequency Division

Multiplexing [Cisco]

VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol

VOL Volume

VOM Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter

VOR Visions Of Reality

VOS Verbal/Voice Operating System

VP Virtual Path

VPD Virtual Printer Device + Vital Product Data [IBM]

VPDN Virtual Private Data Network

VPDS Virtual Private Data Service [MCI]

VPE Video Port Extensions [Microsoft] +

Visual Programming Environment

VPL Virtual Programming Language

VPM Video Port Manager

VPN Virtual Page Number + Virtual Private Network

VPS Voice Processing System

VPSC Vault, Process, Structure, Configuration

VPT Virtual Print Technology [Dataproducts]

VR Virtual Reality + Voltage Regulated/Regulator

VRAM Video Random Access Memory

VRD Virtual Retinal Display

VRE Voltage Regulated Extended

VRM Vendor Relationship Management + Voltage Regulator Module

VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language

(originally named Virtual Reality Markup Language)

VROOMM Virtual Real-time Object Oriented

Memory Manager [Borland]

VRRP Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

.VRS WordPerfect Graphics Driver (file name extension)

VRT Voltage Regulation Technology [Intel]

VRU Voice Response Unit

VS Virtual Storage

VSAM Video Surveillance and Monitoring +

Virtual Storage Access Method

VSAT Very Small Aperture Terminal

VSE Virtual Storage Extended

VSF Vertical Scanning Frequency

VSI Virtual Socket/Switch Interface

VSIO Virtual Serial Input Output

VSM Virtual Shared Memory + Virtual Storage Management +

Visual System Management [IBM]

VSN Volume Serial Number

VSOS Virtual Storage Operating System

VSYNC Vertical Sync

VT Vertical Tab

VTAM Virtual Telecommunications Access Method [IBM]

VTK Visualization Toolkit

VTNS Virtual Telecommunications Network Service

VTS Volume Tracking Driver

VUI Video User Interface

VUP VAX Unit of Performance

VWB Visual WorkBench [Microsoft]

VWM Virtual Window Manager

VXA Variable-Speed Architecture [Ecrix]

VxD Virtual Extended Driver [Microsoft]

.VXD Virtual Device (file name extension) [Microsoft]

VXML Voice Extensible Markup Language

V&V Verification and Validation


W/ With

W3 (see WWW)

W3A World Wide Web Applets

W3C World Wide Web Consortium

W4 What-Works-With-What

WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System

WABI Windows Application Binary Interface [SunSoft]

WAE Wireless Application Environment

WAI Web Accessibility Initiative +

Web Application Interface [Netscape]

WAIS Wide Area Information Server

WAITI Wait-For-Interrupt

WAITS Wide Area Information Transfer System

WAN Wide Area Network

WAP Wireless Application Protocol

WARP Web Service Aggregtion, Rely and Propogation

WATS Wide Area Telecommunications Service

.WAV Waveform Audio (file name extension)

WBEM Web-Based Enterprise Management

WC Word Count

W-CDMA Wideband CDMA

WCS World Coordinate System

WD-40 Water Displacement-40th Attempt

WDDX Web Distributed Data Exchange

WDL Windows Driver Library [Microsoft]

WDM Wavelength Division Multiplexing +

Windows Driver Model [Microsoft]

WDRAM Windows Dynamic Random Access Memory

WEA Web Enabled Application

.WEB Entities Emphasizing the WWW (Domain Name) [Internet]

WEBDAV Web Based Distributed Authoring and Versioning

WEBNFS Web Network File System [Sun]

WELL Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (BBS)

WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy +

Wireless Encription Protocol

WFM Wired For Management [Intel]

WFQ Weighted Fair Queuing [Cisco]

WFW Windows For Workgroups [Microsoft]

WGS Work Group System

WHAM Waveform Hold and Modify [Microsoft]

WHC Workstation Host Connection

WIB World wIde weB (suggested oral replacement of

nine-syllable 'WWW' using one-syllable 'WIB'

WIFI (Wi-Fi) Wireless Fidelity

WIMP Windows, Icons, Menus and Pulldowns

WIN 9.X Windows95/Windows98

WIN...CE Windows Compact Edition [Microsoft]

WINDBG Windows Debugger [Microsoft]

WINE Windows Emulator

WINForum Wireless Information Networks Forum

WIN...ME Windows Millennium Edition [Microsoft]

WINS Windows Internet Naming Service [Microsoft]

WIN...SE Windows Second Edition [Microsoft]

WINSOCK Windows Open Systems Architecture [Microsoft] +

Windows Sockets

WINWORD Word For Windows [Microsoft]

WIN...XP Windows The "Experience" [Microsoft]

WISE WordPerfect Information System Environment

WIT Web Interactive Talk [Internet]

.WKB Workbook (file name extension) [WordPerfect]

.WKE Worksheet (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]

.WKQ Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORQU]

.WKS Worksheet (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]

.WKZ Compressed Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORQU]

.WK1 Worksheet (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]

WL Word Line

WLAN Wireless Local Area Network

.WLG Dr. Watson Log (file name extension)

WLL Wireless Local Loop

.WMA Windows Media Audio (file name extension) [Microsoft]

WMC Workflow Management Coalition

.WMF Windows Metafile Format (file name extension) [Microsoft]

WMFSDK Windows Media Format Software Development Kit [Microsoft]

WML Wireless Markup Language

WMP Windows Media Player [Microsoft]

WMRM Write Many, Read Many

WMT Windows Media Technologies [Microsoft]

WNIC Wide-Area Network Interface Co-Processor

WNIM Wide-Area Network Interface Module

W/O Without

WORM Write Once, Read Many

WOS Workstation Operating System

WOSA Windows Open Services/Systems Architecture [Microsoft]

WOW Window On Windows [Microsoft]

WP WordPerfect + Word Processing + Write Protected

WPA Wi-Fi Protected Access + Wireless Protected Access

.WPD Windows Printer Description (file name extension)

.WPG WordPerfect Graphics (file name extension)

WPHD Write-Protect Hard Disk

.WPK Keyboard (file name extension) [WordPerfect]

WPM Words Per Minute

.WPM Macro (file name extension) [WordPerfect]

WPOS Workplace Operating System

WPS Windows Printing System [Microsoft] +

Workplace Shell [OS2]

WPVM Windows Parallel Virtual Machine

.WQ1 Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORPQU]

.WQ! Compressed Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORPQU]

WRAM Windows Random Access Memory

WRE Weighted Random Early Detection [Cisco]

.WRI Write (file name extension)

WRK Windows Resource Kit [Microsoft]

WS WordStar + Workstation

WSAPI Web Site Application Program Interface [O'Reilly]

WSDL Web Services Definition/Description Language [IBM/Microsoft]

WSH Windows Scripting Host [Microsoft]

WSP Wireless Session Protocol

WSUI Web Services User Interface

WT Write Through

WTA Wireless Telephony Application

WTLS Wireless Transport Layer Security

WTM Wired For Management

WWIS World Wide Information System [Internet]

WWW World-Wide Web [Internet]

WYSBYGI What You See Before You Get It

WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get


XA Extended Architecture + Extended Attribute

XACML Extensible Access Control Markup Language

XAPIA X.400 Application Program Interface Association

X2B Hexadecimal to Binary [REXX]

.XBM X-Windows Bitmaps (file name extension) (black and white)

.XPM X-Windows Pixelmaps (file name extension) (color)

X2C Hexadecimal to Character [REXX]

XCHG Exchange

XCMD External Command

XCOPY Extended Copy

X2D Hexadecimal to Decimal [REXX]

XDF Extended Density Format [IBM]

XDR Extended/External Data Representation

XFCN External Function

XFDL Extensible forms Description Language

XGA Extended Graphics Array [IBM]

XHTML Extensible HyperText Markup Language

XID Exchange Identifier

XIOS Extended Input/Output System

.XLA Add-In (file name extension) [Microsoft-Excel]

XLAT Translate

XLF Exceptional Fortran [IBM]

.XLK Backup (file name extension) [Microsoft-Excel]

XLL Extensible Link Language

XLM Excel Macro Language [Microsoft]

.XLT Template (file name extension) [Microsoft-Excel]

XMIT Transmit

XML Extensible Markup Language

XMM Extended Memory Manager [LIM/AST]

XMS Extended Memory Specification [LIM/AST]

XNS Xerox Network System (protocol) [Xerox]

XOFF Transmitter Off

XON Transmitter On

XOR Exclusive OR (Also EOR)

XP Extreme Performance [Compaq]

XPCOM Cross Platform Component Object Model [Mozilla]

XPE XP Embedded (see WIN...XP) [Microsoft]

XPRM Xerox Print Resources Manager [Xerox]

XRNS Extensible Resource Name System

XRT Extensions for Real-Time

XSL Extensible Style Language

XSLT Extensible Stylesheet Transformation

XSMD Extended Storage Module Drive (interface)

XSSI Extended Server Side Includes

XTAL Crystal

XTCLK External Transmit Clock

XUL Extensible User-Interface Language [Netscape]


YAM Yet Another Modem [Omen Technology]

YAHOO Yet Another Hierarchically Officious Oracle [Internet]

Y2K Year 2000

(Y/N)? (Asks for a YES or NO decision)

YTD Year To Date


.z Packed file (file name extension - using Pack/Unpack

program)..lower case z..[Unix]

.Z Compressed file (file name extension - using

Compress/Uncompress program)..upper case Z..[Unix]

ZAK Zero Administration Kit [Microsoft]

ZAW Zero Administration for Windows [Microsoft]

ZBR Zone-Bit Recording [IBM]

Z-CAV Zoned Constant Angular Velocity

ZDL Zero Delay Lockout

ZDS Zenith Data Systems

ZIF Zero-Insertion Force (socket)

ZIP Zigzag In-Line Package +

Zone Improvement Plan (ZIPcode)

.ZIP Compressed File (file name extension) [PKWare]

.ZOO Compressed File (file name extension) [Dhesi]

ZPV Zoomed Port Video [Toshiba]

ZSL Zero Slot LAN

@ At + Commercial At

{ } Braces

[ ] Square Brackets

~ Tilde

(_) Underscore

* Wildcard character (asterisk)

*.* Star-Dot-Star (represents

Any file name.Any file name extension)

.$$$ Temporary File (file name extension)

1GL First Generation Language (machine language)

24/7 Twenty-Four Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week

286 80286 (microprocessor)

2GL Second Generation Language (assembly language)

386 80386 (microprocessor)

3COM 3 Com Corporation (The 3 Coms are

Computer, Communications and Compatibility)

3GL Third Generation Language (programming language)

486 80486 (microprocessor)

4GL Fourth Generation Language (descriptive language)

6DOF Six Degrees Of Freedom


.ad Andorra

.ae United Arab Emirates

.ag Antigua and Barbuda

.ai Anguilla

.al Albania

.am Armenia

.ar Argentina

.at Austria

.au Australia

.aw Aruba

.ba Bosnia-Herzegovina

.be Belgium

.bg Bulgaria

.bh Bahrain

.bm Bermuda

.bn Brunei Darussalam

.bo Bolivia

.br Brazil

.bs Bahamas

.bw Botswana

.by Belarus

.bz Belize

.ca Canada

.cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands

.ch Switzerland

.ci Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

.cl Chile

.cn China

.co Colombia

.cr Costa Rica

.cu Cuba

.cy Cyprus

.cz Czech Republic

.de Germany

.dk Denmark

.dm Dominica

.do Dominican Republic

.ec Ecuador

.ee Estonia

.eg Egypt

.es Spain

.et Ethiopia

.fi Finland

.fj Fiji

.fm Micronesia

.fo Faroe Islands

.fr France

.gb Great Britain

.ge Georgia

.gi Gibraltar

.gl Greenland

.gp Guadeloupe (French)

.gr Greece

.gt Guatemala

.gu Guam

.gy Guyana

.hk Hong Kong

.hn Honduras

.hr Croatia

.hu Hungary

.id Indonesia

.ie Ireland

.il Israel

.in India

.ir Iran

.is Iceland

.it Italy

.jm Jamaica

.jo Jordan

.jp Japan

.ke Kenya

.kg Kyrgyzstan

.kr Korea (South)

.kw Kuwait

.kz Kazakhstan

.lb Lebanon

.lc Saint Lucia

.li Liechtenstein

.lk Sri Lanka

.lt Lithuania

.lu Luxembourg

.lv Latvia

.ma Morocco

.mc Monaco

.md Moldova

.mk Macedonia

.mn Mongolia

.mo Macau

.mt Malta

.mu Mauritius

.mv Maldives

.mx Mexico

.my Malaysia

.na Namibia

.nc New Caledonia (French)

.nf Norfolk Island

.ng Nigeria

.ni Nicaragua

.nl Netherlands

.no Norway

.np Nepal

.nu Niue

.nz New Zealand

.om Oman

.pa Panama

.pe Peru

.pf Polynesia (French)

.pg Papua New Guinea

.ph Philipines

.pk Pakistan

.pl Poland

.pt Portugal

.py Paraguay

.qa Qatar

.ro Romania

.ru Russian Federation

.sa Saudi Arabia

.se Sweden

.sg Singapore

.si Slovenia

.sk Slovak Republic

.su USSR (former)

.sv El Salvador

.th Thailand

.tn Tunisia

.to Tonga

.tr Turkey

.tt Trinidad and Tobago

.tw Taiwan

.tz Tanzania

.ug Uganda

.uk United Kingdom

.us United States

.uy Uruguay

.uz Uzbekistan

.va Vatican City State

.ve Venezuela

.vi Virgin Islands (USA)

.vn Vietnam

.ye Yemen

.yu Yugoslavia

.za South Africa

.zm Zambia

.zw Zimbabwe
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